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He Will Come Again - hymn

Steven A. Baugh

This is a song I composed about Jesus and his life.  Bill and I perform this song in a syncopated and jazzy way, but with all of the times we've performed it, I thought it could be a hymn.  I asked a friend, Rosalie Peterson, if she would be interested in collaborating with me to make a hymn version of the song.  She was very willing to do this and I must say that she has done an excellent job.  You can see a video of a double quartet performing this piece on our video page.  We like how this hymn turned out and want to share it with you.  You can download the sheet music below for free. Thank you for your interest in our music.

He Will Come Again

Arranged by Rosalie N. Peterson

     At the age of six, my sweet grandmother began teaching me how to play the piano.  Lessons continued with various teachers as I attended grade school and then into college.  Classical music became my focus with Chopin as a favorite composer.  While in high school I participated in a Bach competition.  The judges were very kind in their critique as I forgot half of the notes and skipped to the end abruptly.  Later I was able to achieve an outstanding performance in another competition.  As a college student in piano performance, my Freshman Recital was a highlight in my performing ability.

     I am grateful to have Church callings which allow me to use the talent I have gained.  I accompanied Ward choirs, played for Primary and Relief Society, plus accompanied many musical groups and soloists.  I accompanied school choirs and a community choir--each experience bringing me joy and satisfaction.

My musical interests include singing in choirs when I am not accompanying.  Currently, I teach 18 students and enjoy the creative experience I have with each individual.  I dabble at playing the ukulele and have used this instrument to provide a sing along for a memory care/assisted living facility.  I also have written two melodies to create songs for two different poems written by family members.



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