Prison Inmates Like Us Too!

     We had a successful concert at the Utah State Prison where we received two standing ovations!  This group of inmates were very nice and it was fun to interact with them.  They had earned the privilege of being able to attend because of their good behavior.  It was a great experience for Bill and I.  One of the inmates who plays the guitar wanted to know if he could get the music to our song "Honor Flight" because he loved the song and wanted to learn how to play it.  I gave my copy to a trustee so that he could use it.

     We played the debut of our new song "He Will Come Again", which we hope to submit to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for consideration for the new Hymn Book.  Several inmates thought it was a beautiful piece and hoped it would make it in the Hymn Book.

     This was a wonderful opportunity for us.  We hope we will be able to perform there again someday.  Meanwhile we are still performing at Senior Living Centers and recently had a great time with a large crowd of residents at Sagewood Senior Living in Daybreak.  What a fun group!