Some of our videos show our name as the Mormon Blues Brothers.  That is our former name and has been retired.  Our name is really the Mountain Blues Brothers.  Sorry if this has caused any confusion. 


This is our newest song from a practice session called Blessings.  This was written during Covid when we weren't performing.  We are blessed to be performing again.


Our version of America that we are working on at a practice session

Ward House Rock

This a very popular song with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Prescription Blues

This is a popular song with senior citizens.

I Will Go and Do

"I will Go and Do" is one of our original songs.  We performed it at the 2019 Pleasant Grove Concerts in the Park.  The Executive Director from Book of Mormon Central was in attendance at the concert.   They asked us if we would make a video that they could show on their YouTube Channel and Facebook page.  It was very popular with thousands of views, shares and likes around the world.  Below is the video we sent them.